ABM releases classic single ‘Rumba Samba’
ABM releases classic single ‘Rumba Samba’

ABM releases classic single ‘Rumba Samba’

Get ready to dance the night away with popular reggae/soca/dancehall artist ABM! The singer, who is originally from Trinidad, has just recently released his new classic single “Rumba Samba”. This upbeat, energy-filled piece of music is just a taste of ABM’s talent and experience.

It’s no surprise to anyone that ABM’s new single has already met with success. For the past seventeen years, he has been operating in the music industry and is known for his passion when it comes to music.

His journey into music started after he moved to the West Coast from Louisiana where he had been attending college. ABM graduated with a degree in engineering from Grambling State University. Since he had a passion for music, it made sense that he wanted to go into audio engineering and producing.

ABM continued making connections and eventually started writing and singing his own songs. Despite the fact that he owns a record label and a popular music radio station, ABM has never considered music to be his career. Instead, he sees it as a gift and a privilege to create his own music and sing it the way he imagines it.

That passion and love of music can be seen in how he has helped other musicians build their careers. Some of the artists ABM has collaborated with previously include Bonnie Pointer (The Pointer Sisters), French Montana, Reimei Schemes, and many others.

So far Rumba Samba has been well received and we hope to see more music coming from this talented rapper and singer in the future.

ABM is the co-founder of the indie record label company he owns called “Platinum Trini Entertainment”. If you’re interested in the radio station he started, make sure you tune into “Platinum Trini Hot 97 FM”.