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New Releases

R&B PREMIERES OF 2020: Canada’s Hot New export ‘O a k $’ releases a dreamy, melodic and sexy R&B groove on ‘Smoke and Harmony’

O a k $ is a recording artist hailing from Ontario, Canada who delivers distinct, fresh R&B music for the soul. His versatility is one of his biggest strengths as he is able to shift …

South African Hip Hop Activists Soundz Of The South Release Moving Tribute Music Video to those who have struggled to survive during lockdown

Soundz of the South is a political Hip Hop collective working to build an international working-class counter-culture that is anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, and ant-sexist. With the release of their brand new single and Music Video …

Catchy as Naughty R&B Candy with a serious Caribbean Pop injection, ‘Temani’ arrives with the addictive “Girls Like To Party”

STARSWORLDWIDE releases the first single from their STARS GRADUATION CLASS 20/20 Compilation: “Girls Like To Party” by Temani. Temani is a singer / songwriter / producer from Cincinnati Ohio. He is 22 years of age …

ELECTRONIC PREMIERES: SONIC JOY Records return with ‘Bittersweet’ from ‘NIGHTCREED’ and an array of Beats

SONIC JOY Records and producer John Meisel present “Bittersweet”, the new single from international Urban project NIGHT CREED. NIGHT CREED epitomizes a unique sound and style that could be described as intense, full of passion …

AFROBEAT PREMIERES: ‘SweetCorn’ sends out romantic African vibes and exquisite Afrobeats on the lovely ‘Nobody Fine Pass You’

Nigerian native and UK-based singer/songwriter SweetCorn releases “Nobody Fine Pass You”. The nostalgic afrobeat sound, produced by BeatbySV and written by SweetCorn, tells a story of a relationship filled with love, appreciation and fulfilment. A …

ROCK DANCE GROOVES: Get dancing in Carnival party rock style with the uplifting Festival sounds of ‘Dar.ra’ as he returns with hot release ‘Rise Like The Sun’

While we as a world speed forward on an uncharted flight to an unknowable destination, predictions and hearsay is all you hear in the backseats on this excursion into a strange new Paradigm.

One prediction that has come to play out is Dar.Ra whose album New Kinda Normal released in 2019 told of tales of future society changes, while the front cover art showed a couple walking down and empty high street in a bubble.

Did he know something we didn’t at the time and was anyone paying attention to the fine lines of that release. Since we have seen massive changes and other artists not releasing any new material, we have seen more out put from Dar.Ra rather than less.

The EP ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ was an honourable attempt to give the Keyworkers and Frontline Heroes of the Pandemic something more than just a round of applause, something that people could sing and show their Love, with proceeds given to Frontline worker charities.

The ‘Whisky n Honey’ EP featured a great Bowie style track with sublime subplot of a Love given up on for a pursuit of fast love and neon highs only to end up empty and alone wishing for a life that will never come back.

The Lights Dark Nights remix was the epitome of genre called ‘Rock Step’, which Dar.Ra claims to have invented. If you’re looking for the blueprint you can find it on this EP and the ‘New Kinda Normal’ Album

The latest release schedule doesn’t let up with a new single ‘Rise Like The Sun’. A Latin rock groove that cuts through the current climate like a hot knife through butter.

Uplifting sunshine grooves with remixes from Colombian to India, the UK with a few European mainland connections thrown in for good measure. The lyric suggests not been held down by the people in high places, the unknown powers who make decisions about out lives that we have no control over.

‘I want to rise like the sun and hold back for no one’ is a lyric sung with power and persuasion by Dar.Ra who takes a further dig at those powers by singing;

‘I wanna live the dream with impunity like the rich do with ease’, ‘I been crying crying out loud I been down in the dirt the dirt and the dust,
Trying to reach up from the gutter to the stars’

Sums up the frustration of the singer to be heard in a world that is obsessed with money and power rather than concern for the real issues that we face as a human race.

Dar.Ra has a way however of making the Music and melodies sound so sweet that you would miss the subliminal storylines that lurk beneath the clean mixes and beautiful musicianship on each track he puts out.

On the ‘Rise Like The Sun’ single there are 6 mixes all named after different places on the globe in an attempt to bring the world together rather than see ourselves separated by colours and creeds. Columbian Sun Cut is the real deal in the Latin house area and Vidula a producer from Sri Lanka puts his distinct flavours on his Indian Sun Remix.

The other remixes come from Dar.Ra and have an Indigenous theme to them as is also reflected in the Cover artwork which pays homage to the Aboriginal national flag.

Rise Like The Sun’ is out on Kusha Deep Music this fall.

Dar.Ra and the Hits so far…..

Dar.Ra is a Music Writer, Producer and Author who earned his stripes with hits for EMI and 21St Century Artists and set up the Kusha Deep Label in the 2000s releasing his first solo Album in 2009, called ‘Soul Hours‘. The UK, USA music press and radio, made Album of the week on Heart FM Spain, supported the album.

One of the tracks ‘Haunted Dancehall’ featured in a Hollywood film staring Hilary Duff and ‘Snakes On Planes’. Dar.Ra played on BBC Radio Cambridge to a million people live when they connected up their regional stations around the Midlands.

Various EPs ‘Now Is Now’, Live For Love, Cease Fire and soundtrack to film documentary ‘City Of Hope’ have also had millions of streams and lead to the recent album ‘New Kinda Normal’.

The Rock N Roll tour de force, that has seen three singles really make some movements happen in America, with well received Music video’s for ‘Rock Steady’ and ‘Night-Stepper’ being shot in NYC, while ‘Diamonds N The Shadows’ being shot in Atlanta.

Tracks have landed number 1 spots on Rock Radio stations around the USA, play-listed on TV stations LA TV, H2O NYC, Nashville Music TV as well as front cover of Hype Magazine, Top Hitz and Music Hit Box in The UK giving Dar.Ra, a very credible big Star status.

With two new EPs out ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ a tribute to the keyworkers who have stood up to the task of the Pandemic and the Whisky n Honey EP this work continues to shape Dar.Ra’s musical catalogue.

The Beat remix called Bhangra Stance features on the Stand Up EP, is a powerful call to action for change. Top Hitz Music magazine to call the EP number 1 Lockdown release, while Music Mirror called the ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ track, ‘the Rock anthem that Prince would of written, if he still graced this world’.

Dar.Ra has also written two books under his full moniker Darragh J Brady ‘Road Tales’ which is about amazing people with life changing stories that he met while touring the globe and ‘The Night That Jimi Died’ which is about a girl who channels the Spirit of Jimi Hendrix and rises to change the DNA of the World through Music. Both titles have also been given top reviews on Good Reads and Amazon Books.

The brand new single ‘Rise Like The Sun’ is out now on all good digital retailers.



EDM HOUSE PREMIERES: ‘Luca Draccar’ lets loose his exceptional experimental house EP ‘Flamboyant’

Luca Draccar is an electronic music artist who is originally from Berlin, Germany. Since he was a child, Luca gravitate towards the production of electronic music. His interest in the genre peaked in high school when he began using his first Macintosh computer to compose original music.

Upon completing his time studying multimedia communication and interactive design at the Bauhaus Universität Weimar, Luca went to the University of Politecnico in Milan where he
studied digital design and visual communication whilst also DJing in clubs and illegal raves throughout Milan. He later won a scholarship to study at the University of Music Franz Liszt in
Weimar, so he resultantly left Italy and moved to Germany.

To date Luca has developed an impressive discography on Spotify that includes 2018’s ‘Quo Vadis’ and ‘AAA Access All Areas’, 2019’s ‘Noordinary’, and 2020’s ‘No Sometimes Yes’. With
tracks like ‘Voulez vous coucher avec moi’ amassing over fifty-two thousand streams and ‘Loversive’ gathering over forty-three thousand streams, it is clear that Luca’s streaming success is continuing to increase rapidly.


Our featured EP, ‘Flamboyant’ by, is out now and available to stream on all major streaming platforms! The EP lasts twenty-eight minutes and twenty-one seconds and consists of three unique tracks and one remix.

Although the EP is grouped under the electronic classification, each track delivers Luca’s unique and original take on the genre.

Birba’ lasts an impressive ten minutes and forty-six seconds and sits at 122bpm. From the systematic percussive drops, phased synth and inventive instrumental transitions, this track will keep the listener captivated from start to finish.

Every Exit is an Entrance’ lasts five minutes and twenty-five seconds and sits at 110bpm. This track features a foundational sub-bass that provides the perfect platform for the plethora of electronic instrumental elements that are driven by the steady percussion.

‘Never Settle’ lasts six minutes and twelve seconds and sits at 129bpm. From instances of intentional/momentary dissonance,
to the clean transitions, ambient synth layers and subtle swells, this track provides the perfect amount of instrumental diversification. It is clear that Luca has been well cultured by the variety of places where he has lived over the years; drawing from the dark rhythm of Berlin, the foundational structure of his first home in Italy, and the “exotic radiance” of Los Angeles combining to inspire his original style. Make sure you follow Luca on all his social media to keep up to date with his upcoming releases!

Flamboyant Cover 


MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERES: Rising artist ‘Christine Lee’ drops her magical and innocent pop single ‘Fallin’ with it’s beautiful music video location.

17-year-old Christine Lee is back with her latest song, Fallin along with a stunning visual that highlights the beauty of the song. Standing amidst a hilly area, Christine is depicted singing her heart out surrounded by nature.

Christine says, “The song is young, innocent and shy. The heart and soul of the song capture that butterfly feeling inside of you when you have your first big crush.”

Fallin is also an evolution sonically for Christine. The young artist worked on the song in-house. She shares, “This is one of the first songs we produced all on our own, from playing and recording the instruments, to mixing down the sounds, to mastering.”

VINEMA MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERES: Rising artist ‘Christine Lee’ drops her magical and innocent pop single ‘Fallin’ with it’s beautiful music video location.  – Vinema

In just a few short years, Christine Lee has continued to grow and mature into a new artist with each release and Fallin showcases this growth while staying true to who Christine is as a person and artist.

Christine Lee Fallin' Music Video Photos-28

Christine goes on to share, “I want people to feel excited and happy when they listen to Fallin. Maybe it’s about a classmate you have a crush on, or maybe it’s about a friend who you want to be more than just friends with. Maybe it’s someone on the other side of the world who you connected with online. I want that someone to imagine and dream along with the song’s lyrics and catchy melody.”

Fallin is available on all streaming platforms.


Music Video Link

POP ARTIST INTERVIEW: British Pop Star and Actor ‘Alexander James (AJ) Rodriguez’ speaks about his catchy new single and super fun ‘Girl Inspired’ music video ‘Your Smile’

Alexander James (AJ) Rodriguez has dropped his debut music video for his second single ‘Your Smile’ – quarantine style.

Vinema chatted with teen sensation Alexander James (AJ) Rodriguez who has just released his debut music video for his second single ‘Your Smile’ – quarantine style.


Can you tell us a bit about your new record ‘Your Smile’?

I wanted to release a summer song that showcased someone’s smile using the backdrop of a few of Southern California’s stunning locations. I love the beach and so incorporating surfing or flip flops into the lyrics along with a girl’s smile was a must!

Your Smile’ is centred around a young girl’s captivating smile that is suddenly noticed by one of her friends, who is looking at her with a different appreciation for the very first time. Her admirer dreams of whisking her away for sandy toes and snow cones on the beach. The lyrics are about how she shouldn’t change a thing as she is fly just the way she is. It is fun, light and bursting full of summer!

Tell us about the music video.

Well, due to the current COVID-19 filming restrictions in Los Angeles, we had to be really careful, so I just had two of my friends and one videographer, plus my mum of course, on set.
We tried to incorporate some of Malibu’s most gorgeous hotspots, and of course me catching a wave at my favourite place, the beach.

Since releasing your debut pop record ‘My Crew’ in July, you have had some great results on the streaming services. Congratulations!

Oh yes, I am thrilled with the response to my music so far. We released my debut record ‘My Crew’ on July 7th and it’s so exciting to see it is currently pushing 200,000 streams. ‘Your Smile’ has been climbing at a rapid rate with over 105,000 streams on Spotify today. I am so grateful to everyone who has listened to the songs so far.

What’s up next for you?

I recording three songs at age twelve during the Los Angeles lockdown, and I am releasing one song consecutively each month, ‘My Crew’, which released on 07.07, ‘Your Smile’ on 08.08 and next in line is ‘Up To You’ on 09.09. I have a further three records penned for later in the year as well as a special Holiday song. I am super excited to tell you about that!

Your Smile-still-AJR2

‘Your Smile’ from Alexander James (AJ) Rodriguez is currently out and available for download on iTunes and all digital streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, TikTok, Pandora, DEEZER and more!

AJR - Your Smile - FINAL


CROSS CONTINENTAL LOVE Raskells Around You Official Music Video – Spreading Love and Hope against Gender Based Violence

Raskells is a music band based in Cape Town founded in 2019 aimed with a fine art to blend music genres. There are seven band members and only three members voiced on Around You mainly Vimbiso Nzuma aka Tiny Temper, Simbarashe Chivanga aka Simphill and Tinotenda Zandodha aka Slotah the chanter.

Around You is part of the All I Have Ep released on the 08th of November 2019.

At Raskells Music we believe in dialogue and unconditional spread of love. Our belief is evidenced by our recent track titled Around You.

Around You is a jam boardered on love boundaries with the main aim being to fight against gender based violence and to help curb the marauding cases and effects of domestic violence through music

Music Video was directed and filmed by Nikita Gluhov from Production NaVida in Russia. The video was shot in Cape Town, German, Italy and Russia.

RAP TRAP PREMIERES: ‘Indian Trap’ produces new exotic mysterious and heavenly Trap single ‘Ta$te It’ from American author, actress, songwriter and singer ‘Katrina Kusa’

American author, actress, songwriter and singer Katrina Kusa is making waves with her debut single ‘Ta$te It’ Prod. By Indian Trap.

The single ‘Ta$te It’ continues to grow with having over 30K streams on Spotify and a now trending remix with over 100 dances on TikTok.

‘Ta$te It’ is an infectious hip-hop song that features Katrina Kusa’s confident, yet playful tone atop Indian Trap’s signature ground-breaking production. Katrina calls out her haters in the song with a catchy hook that you will not be able to get out of your head.

Produced by Indian Trap, the production features traditional Indian sounds combined with modern day trap and hip-hop elements creating a soundscape like no other.

Rapping comes naturally to Katrina Kusa, who has always had a way with words. The 16-year-old artist is most famous for her award-winning novel, The Kingdom of the Lizards, which was released in 2014. In 2019, Katrina had the opportunity to work on a music project in Los Angeles, CA that included hints of pop, urban, rap, hip-hop, and trap genres.

VINEMA RAP TRAP PREMIERES: ‘Indian Trap’ produces new exotic mysterious and heavenly Trap single ‘Ta$te It’ from American author, actress, songwriter and singer ‘Katrina Kusa’ – Vinema UK

This would open doors for Katrina’s new career venture as a rap artist. In the past year, she has worked with incredible songwriter, Delos, who has worked with Katy Perry and Madonna, as well as aspiring recording artist, Vivaswan.

Katrina was recently discovered by Indian Trap “J2”, (music producer who has worked with Shakira, Beyoncé, Pussy Cat Dolls, and Cassie). J2 introduced Katrina to his world of “Indian Trap,” creating an urban/hip-hop/pop/trap record that led to her debut single “Ta$te It.”

More is yet to come for Katrina Kusa as she begins the next phase of her musical journey.

katrina indian trap


Follow along to see what is next! “Ta$te It” is available on all streaming platforms.


ROCK MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERES: Bryan Mullis’ a.k.a ‘By Small Ruin’ releases ‘Some People’ with it’s sublime rock sound and big heartfelt vocals of melodic strength

Musical maverick, strong melodic songwriter and real life storyteller Bryan Mullis is fresh out of the studio with another rocking Alternative Pop Rock single entitled ‘Some People’.

The Radio friendly, uplifting, well written and produced driving rock single ‘Some People’ from BSR has crashing drums and a powerful melody with lyrics of strength, courage and determination .

‘Some People’ is an Independent victory song as Bryan Mullis sings “Some people want me to just give in But I got news my friend Some people will never box me in”.

By Small Ruin is an anagram for Bryan Mullis, keeping his music and lifestyle as true to self as possible.

The new single ‘Some People’ continues a string of powerful releases and musical stories from Bryan Mullis a.k.a ‘By Small Ruin’.

VINEMA ROCK MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERES: Bryan Mullis’ a.k.a ‘By Small Ruin’ releases ‘Some People’ with it’s sublime rock sound and big heartfelt vocals of melodic strength  – Vinema UK Rock Music Video premieres

The History of BSR

Busking since high school, the college dropout has made his way across the country playing to anyone who listened. His talent and dedication lead to sharing the stage with artists like DAWES, WILD and Briston Maroney.

As a teen, one of Bryan’s favourite activities with his friends was climbing water towers and hanging upside down from the top by only their knees.

Bryan was notorious for doing what he wanted, when he wanted, including sneaking out of his parent’s house and hitch-hiking a 10-hour ride to Florida to surprise his girlfriend on the beach.

More recently, Bryan’s brother almost lost his life in a car accident. Dealing with those feelings inspired his musical journey that brought him unforetold adventures.

He often tells the story of being attacked in a convenience store which:

“lead to a full-fledged movie-like fight that included knocking over shelves and throwing beer bottles. The store was destroyed.”

some people by small ruin

From waking up to SWAT teams thinking the band’s van was owned by a nearby active shooter, to unexpectedly playing a nudist pool party of 100+ people, BSR’s thrilling lifestyle is certainly rendered in their music and performance.

The brand new single ‘Some People  from ‘By Small Ruin’ is out now.



Official Site:


Cast my lot		

The only one that can take a shot		

By myself a lot		

I'm all alone, but I'm all I got		


And there's a growing trend	

Some people want me to just give in	

But I got news my friend	

Some people will never box me in	


Take you down a notch		

Damned if you do, damned if you do not		

You know it's all a game to them		

I'm gonna win it, rob them blind		


And there's a growing trend	

Some people want me to just give in	

But I got news my friend	

Some people will never box me in	


The less you give it, the more it takes

And unless you live it, it will fade away

Write it off to 'my head's in the clouds', it can plague some people

Lighters up in a room with a crowd, let me find my people.

The more you give it, the less it takes

And until I live it, I won't go away


There's a growing trend	

Some people want me to just give in	

But I got news my friend	

Some people will never box me in	


Some people want me to just give in	

Oh, but I got news	

Some people will never box me in	

They'll never box me in	

LYRIC VIDEO PREMIERE: N2BLÜ release a majestic soaring synth dance sound with big electronic hooks on ‘King of Broken Hearts’

N2BLÜ are back with another pop dance hit in the form of ‘King of Broken Hearts’.

‘King of Broken Hearts’ follows their well supported LGBTQIA global smash ‘NSA’.

When asked about the meaning behind the song, Jonathan Arceneaux from the world famous dance pop act N2BLÜ said:

King of Broken Hearts is a biographical look of my romantic history and patterns. I’ve never been in a long-term relationship, yet that’s all I’ve ever wanted. To find my person and have the fairy-tale happily ever after. Unfortunately, I kept repeating the same choices over and over. Choosing the wrong person, over-compromising myself for them, trying to be who they wanted me to be and always ending the same”.

It’s time to break the cycle and become the King/Queen of your own heart. It’s time to Love yourself!

LYRIC VIDEO PREMIERE: N2BLÜ release a majestic soaring synth dance sound with big electronic hooks on ‘King of Broken Hearts’ – Vinema Lyric Video Premieres


I may not be your ever after
We had fun at first and moments of rapture
You wouldn’t be my first mistake
But now I’m trying my best to change my fate
And just one time
I’d love to be the first one on your mind
But no matter how it starts
I guess I’ll be the King of Broken Hearts
The King of Broken Hearts
The King of Broken Hearts

I don’t wanna be the second choice
A novelty just to fill the void
Eyes open kissing, looking for better
All the love I spent was just a ticket for never
But just for now
I’d love to be the wanted one somehow
When it all falls apart

I guess I’ll be the King of Broken Hearts

The King of Broken Hearts
The King of Broken Hearts

I sit of this lonely throne, built on heartbreak
Should I go it alone or try to tempt fate?
Under a heavy crown, made of frozen tears
Could there still be hope after all these years?
My kingdom is cracked by a spark of hope
Coming out of the black, learning to let go
The door is my heart and I am the key
Cuz I don’t want to be
The King of Broken Hearts
The King of Broken Hearts
The King of Broken Hearts
Of Broken Hearts

The King of Broken Kings
I don’t wanna be, wanna be, wanna be
The King of Broken Hearts
The King of Broken Hearts
I don’t wanna be
I don’t want to be
The King of Broken Hearts



The previous hit single from N2BLÜ  was entitled ‘NSA’. 

Born in New Orleans, Jonathan Arceneaux started singing not long after he learned to talk and hasn’t stopped singing since!

At a very young age Jonathan began his career as a singer in a church choir and started taking voice lessons in both classical and musical theatre styles. During his High School years in Baton Rouge, LA, Jonathan continued singing in the choir and participated in several musical theatre productions. He also started to tap into his writing talents as a freshman in High School, drawing inspiration from some of his favourite bands and artists like Better Than Ezra, Duncan Sheik and Savage Garden.

Over the years following, Jonathan began to realize that his true passion was singing and writing Pop music, so he changed his focus from classical and music theatre to be a full time Pop singer/songwriter. He is a passionate, true artist with emotional expression through his writing, production, and performance. Jonathan also enjoys collaborating with other artists to meld unique tastes in sound and texture.

In 2008 he worked with hit producers I-ROC (Universal Music/HappyMadison Productions/BZEE ROC) and RADIO (Chris Brown’s “Dreamer”/Blake Lewis’ “End of the World”).

As a result of the collaboration with RADIO in 2009, Jonathan released “From The Ashes”, under the name Jay Arseno, his sophomore follow up to his debut album in 2008, “Face In You Crowd”, under the name Jonathan Adam.

After the loss of his father to kidney cancer in August of 2009, Jonathan took some time off from music and in 2013 he decided to move from his home in Houston, TX to Los Angeles, CA for an immersive experience in the heart of the music industry.

While he learned a lot about the industry and himself, Los Angeles was not a good fit for him. So, in 2015 Jonathan decided to get back to his roots and move back home to the Big Easy, New Orleans. Not long after moving to New Orleans, Jonathan met Konstantin Smorodnikov, a personal trainer originally from Russia who had a love and talent for music as well.

Jonathan and Konstantin had an instant connection as friends and decided to start working on music together. While Jonathan came from more of a pop music writing background and classical vocal training, Konstantin’s background was in the club and dance music scene. The next couple of years lead to the duo developing a seamless blending of Jonathan’s lyrics and vocals and Konstantin’s beats and instrumentation to create a sound all their own. In July 2018 they were approached by Loren Israel to participate in his song writing mentorship program.

Little did Jonathan and Konstantin know that this would be an integral turning point in their musical journey.

After a year of instruction, guidance, and tough love from Loren and by honing their skills in song writing and lyricism, they have emerged as the duo, N2BLÜ.

Born and raised in Kostroma, Russia, Konstantin Smorodnikov fell in love with music at early age. It was the structure of rhythm and arrangement that most interested him.

Around 15 is when he was introduced to computer music production.

At 18 moved to America where spent most of his 20’s going out to local dance clubs and learning all he could about technical side of production and sound engineering. He drew inspiration from DJ’s like Peter Rauhofer and Abel Aguilera.

In 2016 he met Jonathan Arceneaux. They realized that they both shared a passion for similar sounds and ideas in music and decided to give a musical partnership a shot.

‘King of Broken Hearts’ is out now and follows up from their previous LGBTQIA global hit ‘NSA.

KOBH Single Art


Apple Music:
Facebook Video Link:
YouTube Lyric Video Link:

GLOBAL RAP STREET PREMIERES: ‘Ain’t nobody touching me’ spits dope newcomer ‘Dricka’ as she stands on her own feet and tells ‘Mama’ the way it is on fantastic new music video.

I think we can all agree that young music with an old soul vibe is the best you can get in today’s music world, and none fills the criteria more than young Alabama native, Dricka.

And when we say young, we mean it, since this gifted rapper and songwriter is only 23 years old, and yet comes across as if she’s lived at least seven decades. That is not to say that her music is in any way old or outdated. On the contrary, she’s got one of the most modern sounds we’ve heard in recent years.

And yet, her latest release, entitled simply “Mama”, will win you over through its old school kind of vibe, and the sheer wisdom inherent in the lyrics.

VINEMA GLOBAL RAP STREET PREMIERES: ‘Ain’t nobody touching me’ spits dope newcomer ‘Dricka’ as she stands on her own feet and tells ‘Mama’ the way it is on fantastic new music video – Vinema RAP HIP-HOP

Dricka is obviously a girl whose mind is as sharp as can be. She’s observant and demonstrates a real skill for paying attention to detail, the sort of skill that is characteristic of true artists.
Her lyrics paint a somewhat grim, yet at the same time hopeful view of life and difficulty, of finding strength and growing up in a world that seems to pay less and less attention to you with each day.

Then, of course, we have her fantastic voice. It has a soulful sort of edge to it, wonderful, and appealing.


Dricka encompasses both a great tenderness and fragility in her singing, but also a sense of resilience. It’s the perfect voice for the song, if that makes sense, as it highlights and expresses the duality of her feelings in writing this. Feeling both strong, as any person who’s growing up and standing on their own has to be sooner or later, but also expressing an almost childish vulnerability.


It’s a very coming of age song, except it has none of the cutesiness we tend to attach to those words. It’s a gritty tune with killer vibes that will really make you think, and we highly suggest you go listen to it if you haven’t yet.