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Premiere One Music Blog News

Sonic Alchemy: PATRICK & LEANNE’s ‘Poem in Three (Make Me Your Love Song)’ – A Masterclass in Organic Production and Vocal Brilliance.

PATRICK & LEANNE’s “Poem in Three (Make Me Your Love Song)” is an extraordinary auditory journey that displays the duo’s impressive artistic prowess and an undeniable chemistry that’s as electrifying as it is rare. The …

HIP-HOP PREMIERE: ‘BIGGER THAN RAP MUSIC’ is the hot new release from Kanye West co-producer ‘DJ SELF BORN’.

After sharing the stage with stars like 50 Cent & G-Unit, Jay-Z & Rocafella and Wu Tang Clan, DJ Self Born follows up his last release “Heaven is a studio, GOD is a DJ” with a new banger entitled ‘BIGGER THAN RAP MUSIC’. This …

Canadian rapper ‘‘Blow_Flyy’ doesn’t sacrifice any of his lyrical storytelling for the sake of a rhyme or useless Street Cred, as he shines in these 6 Positive Reviewed releases.

Blow_Flyy who Performs out of Toronto Canada, hailing from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, is a new age artist with a new thought process, he does it his own unique way, that is without rhyming, instead, he …

UK-based singer-songwriter ‘TaniA Kyllikki’ releases her stunning, touching, epic and highly anticipated album ‘Why Chapter One’

TaniA Kyllikki, a UK-based singer-songwriter, has released her sincere album (Why Chapter One) on January 30th, 2022. Sung with deep-felt emotion and lyrics that hit right to the heart. TaniA has managed to showcase complete …

METAL PREMIERES: ‘Casket Robbery’ steal the souls of Metal fans worldwide with ‘From Hell’

Midwest death metal group Casket Robbery unleash a brutal assault with “From Hell” Interspersing melodic leads in between neck-whipping grooves, Casket Robbery pull from death’s metal’s melodic side as well as its brutal one. The …

ROCK PREMIERES: Master of Rock and exceptional Guitarist ‘Ron Wright’ invests in some new rock ‘Cryptocurrency’

Monterey, California guitarist, lead vocalist and professional recording artist ‘Ron Wright’ is back with a fresh new solo performance release entitled ‘Cryptocurrency‘. ‘Ron Wright’ is currently riding high in the rock world with some of …

Celebrating and DJ’ing Music since the 1980s, ‘Lord Itill’ assembles a dream team of artists for ‘BLM’ The Album

BLM The Album is the exciting new release from producer and label owner, Lord Itill. This new Hip Hop / R&B album will be a breath of fresh air for anyone hardcore hip hop fans …

A New Axel F is in Town with a Catchy Funky 80’s Groove as ‘Prinz Leo’ joins funk and Synth legends on ‘The More You Give’

London-based artist Prinz Leo released his new single The More You Give featuring the Portuguese singer Ola Ruth on Friday, 27th November 2020. Danceable rhythms and sing-along melodies meets the spirits from the 80s. Produced …

Rock and Roll, turbulent relationships and schizophrenic feelings are in a days work for ‘Blind Season’

‘Blind Season’ are an alternative rock band formed by Shane Sigro. The new single from ‘Blind Season‘ is entitled ‘The Dark Bedroom’. How was the writing and recording process ? “It’s a tricky song to …

POP PREMIERES: A Beautiful Voice that takes you to the Clouds arrives in the form of ‘Nelly’ and her timeless ‘Fade Away’

in 2019 the incredible melodic Singer/songwriter and haunting balladeer ‘Nelly’ decided it was time to “Break the chains for real”. Now in 2020 after writing many new songs, Nelly is more inspired than ever and …

LATIN-TRAP PREMIERES: London delivers some stunning ‘Sauce’ in a Carpool Karaoke style music video from ‘Lisa Grand

Singer, Songwriter and Pianist Lisa Grand, has decided to put a twist on her regular soulful vibes by releasing a Latin-trap song ‘Sauce’. Lisa Grand’s catchy lyrics (which incorporate a mixture of English and Spanish) …

R&B PREMIERES OF 2020: Canada’s Hot New export ‘O a k $’ releases a dreamy, melodic and sexy R&B groove on ‘Smoke and Harmony’

O a k $ is a recording artist hailing from Ontario, Canada who delivers distinct, fresh R&B music for the soul. His versatility is one of his biggest strengths as he is able to shift …

South African Hip Hop Activists Soundz Of The South Release Moving Tribute Music Video to those who have struggled to survive during lockdown

Soundz of the South is a political Hip Hop collective working to build an international working-class counter-culture that is anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, and ant-sexist. With the release of their brand new single and Music Video …

Catchy as Naughty R&B Candy with a serious Caribbean Pop injection, ‘Temani’ arrives with the addictive “Girls Like To Party”

STARSWORLDWIDE releases the first single from their STARS GRADUATION CLASS 20/20 Compilation: “Girls Like To Party” by Temani. Temani is a singer / songwriter / producer from Cincinnati Ohio. He is 22 years of age …

ELECTRONIC PREMIERES: SONIC JOY Records return with ‘Bittersweet’ from ‘NIGHTCREED’ and an array of Beats

SONIC JOY Records and producer John Meisel present “Bittersweet”, the new single from international Urban project NIGHT CREED. NIGHT CREED epitomizes a unique sound and style that could be described as intense, full of passion …

VINEMA SHORT FILM SPOTLIGHT 2020: Italian Filmmaker and Screenwriter, Alexander Edwards says “This is my first Award-winning short film! It’s about a young girl who lives her last day in her country town before leaving forever”

Alexander Edwards, is an Italian American director. Born and raised in Italy, son of an Air Force veteran, he studied abroad in Italy and obtained a Degree in Audio-Visual Techniques and Media Production (Film Studies) with the maximum score (110/110 Cum Laude). He started working as an assistant editor in Porcia in Italy for Edoardo Vojvoda. He started his filmmaking career as an author by producing, directing and editing his first short movie, “Silvia”, as his thesis in 2017.


Director: Alexander Edwards

Writer: Alexander Edwards

Writer: Isabella Trani

Producer: Alexander Edwards

Key Cast:

“Silvia” – Giorgia Fumagalli

“Papà” – Alessio Bergamasco

“Franco” – Michele Dalmazi

“Leo” – Luca Barbato

“Bar owner” – Simone Fabbro

Director of photography – Edoardo Vojvoda

Original music/Composer – Denis Ronchese

Original music/Composer – Antonio Sommariva

Production assistant – Aleksija Antonic

Production assistant – Consuelo Bolzan

Set decorator – Alessandra Sartor

Makeup Artist – Alessandra Sartor

Boom Operator – Andrea Blasetig

Boom Operator – Teresa Scarcia

Sound Mixer – Andrea Blasetig

Sound Mixer – Riccardo Vojvoda

Sound Editor – Riccardo Vojvoda

Assistant Director – Irene De Savorgnani

Script Supervisor – Daniela Benedetti

Editor – Alexander Edwards

Backstage Editor – Alessandro Vazzoler