‘Love Flow Wild’ is the new country single from ‘BJ Nelson’.
‘Love Flow Wild’ is the new country single from ‘BJ Nelson’.

‘Love Flow Wild’ is the new country single from ‘BJ Nelson’.

Love Flow Wild is the new single from BJ Nelson.

He says “I am originally from Louisiana and grew up in Southeast Texas. I started singing in church from an early age. I can’t really explain why I gravitated towards music but I did. Being from the south, I developed a natural love for country music. I know it’s not the norm to see a black guy singing with a twang. I love the storytelling and passion within country music. I have so many different influences that cross genres so you’re likely to hear a myriad of styles represented in my voice and delivery. I first met the writer of this song, Matt Davis while doing some potential TV work in Los Angeles. I knew he was a writer. I reached out to him and asked if he had any songs he was looking to potentially sell. I heard “Love flow wild” and I knew I had to record it.

Myself and some of my closest friends got in the studio and went to work. It’s not everyday you see a group of black guys and a Latino in the studio past midnight working on a country song but we were committed. It all happened naturally. I can remember the first time I heard the finished product. I knew we were onto something. I think it’s the right mix of country and soul and does a great job reflecting my diverse musical taste. I’m excited to share this song with the world and can’t wait to unveil the heat we’ve got coming in the near future”


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