‘Mr. Reaper’ brings out ‘Awaken’ music video
‘Mr. Reaper’ brings out ‘Awaken’ music video

‘Mr. Reaper’ brings out ‘Awaken’ music video

“I don’t know where to go,

It’s like I’m fighting myself,

But I wanna find myself,

So I can be complete”

If the above lyrics sound even low-key familiar, you’ve gotta stop whatever it is you’re doing, and check out the latest hit single from our favorite up-and-coming rap and hip-hop artist, Mr. Reaper.

Fresh outta Woodbridge, VA, Mr. Reaper’s a hot young artist, who somehow manages to put into words (and some pretty sick beats) everything he’s feeling. And he does so with such gusto that you immediately recognize yourself in the words.

“You can’t stop,

Or even try to tame

This beast”

The track, which is very fittingly entitled “Awaken”, is a riveting, and encouraging sojourn into the heart of a deeply ambitious artist. “Awaken” strikes while the iron is hot, and allows us unique insight into what it means to be an emerging artist in the current musical world. The hot single tells us about courage, and about finding a way to achieve your goals and make your dreams into reality. It’s a courageous, and deeply personal track, which shows us the immense versatility and creative nature of this artist.

Having enjoyed tremendous success with his previous hit singles, “Thru the Dark” and “Ur Slipping Away from Me”, Mr. Reaper takes us on what is possibly his most courageous and ambitious project yet.

“Awaken” is a deceptively laidback tune that somehow scores all the right notes, and inspires you to dream of more. It’s a sassy, bold tune that we literally can’t stop playing on repeat. ‘Cause it’s not just about being an artist, but rather about what it means to exist on this planet as a human being.

With this, Mr. Reaper shows us he ain’t afraid to challenge himself, and step his game up to next level, and that makes us love him a little more. With “Awaken”, Mr. Reaper is telling us you can overcome adversity, and still pursue and achieve your wildest dreams.

And maybe that’s exactly what the world needs to hear right now.