‘SheisL1’brings out ‘Love Surrender EP’ with leading single ‘Love Surrender’
‘SheisL1’brings out ‘Love Surrender EP’ with leading single ‘Love Surrender’

‘SheisL1’brings out ‘Love Surrender EP’ with leading single ‘Love Surrender’

It’s not easy to create a song that’s both catchy, yet still manages to stay true to your unique style and passion. Many artists these days lose themselves and give in to the demands of the music world, sacrificing their creativity and uniqueness on the altar of mainstream success.

But sometimes, once in a blue moon, you get an artist who didn’t sacrifice it, who managed to keep that special something in their sound that made them unlike any other. And yet somehow, they still find a way to be successful.
One such artist is SheIsL1. A very interesting young artist, she divides her time between Florida and California at the moment, but wherever she is, one constant remains true – her unbending passion for music.

SheIsL1 immediately strikes you as a strong spirit. She says she wouldn’t sing a song for the popularity, simply wouldn’t be able to do it if she didn’t feel it in her soul, and we believe her, because so far, all her tunes seem to have one thing in common – they are born out of an obvious, unquestionable love for music.

Her most recent song, “Love Surrender”, is a truly remarkable piece that from the first few beats, sounds enchanting. There is something esoteric about SheIsL1’s “Love Surrender”, both sexy and pure at the same time.

Fresh off her eponymous album (just come out this year), “Love Surrender” is the perfect song for long, sleepless nights. It doesn’t have that jarring effect that a lot of the popular club tracks have these days. It’s a tune that paves the way toward an enchanted slumber, yet doesn’t for a second actually make you sleep.

It doesn’t wake you, not fully, but it captures your attention, and more importantly, your imagination. You can imagine endless romantic scenarios with this song as the background.

“Love Surrender” seems to be a deeply personal tune for SheIsL1, who sings with her heart and who credits love with all her musical success, and with guiding her way, both in life and artistically.

It’s a remarkably raw piece that gracefully uses a minimal, soft beat to enhance the dream-like experience of the spoken, husky lyrics.