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UK MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE – From tragedy, there often comes something beautiful and uplifting as Jillian Ferrara goes ‘Full Circle’

From tragedy, there often comes something beautiful and uplifting. It’s definitely the case of young pop musician Jillian Ferrara.

Coming off from a life of bullying and struggle, as well as dealing with abandonment and an array of mental health issues, the talented Ferrara found her solace in the arts world and decided to pursue a lifelong passion for songwriting and music.

Her latest single, entitled “Full Circle”, explores precisely this story of growing through pain and finding yourself when the whole world seems to be against you, hence the name of the song.

‘You can’t bring me down,

I’ve been down and out’


Ferrara’s pleasant, flowing voice sends out a reassuring message that there is good, even in the worst times. This is very well captured by a scene in the accompanying music video, where the grown-up Ferrara, exasperated, locks herself in a bathroom and runs her hands over her face. Brought down by the constant abuse from her peers, she glances in the mirror and sees herself as a small child, standing behind her and reminding the singer of the years of suffering she’s endured.

In the end, this vision helps Ferrara emerge stronger and more composed, for her younger self’s sake.

But let’s go beyond the powerful message of the song and the great lyrical flow, for a moment.

The melody itself transcends any one particular genre, classifying itself most likely as pop, though not being limited to that genre. Bearing an almost esoteric feel, “Full Circle”s melody is happy and uplifting and paired with the tasteful dancing of the girls in the video (among which, Ferrara herself) it doesn’t fail to inspire the listener to dance, too. That being said, it’s a great track for the clubs.

The song mixes Ferrara’s seductive voice with almost aggressive beats, referencing both her rich cultural influence (from Shirley Temple to Madonna) as well as her extensive preparation as a modern dancer.

Fresh from the release of her debut EP, called ‘Intimacy’, featuring the hit track “The Worst Way”, Ferrara gives no indication of stopping or tiring of music and her young, but prosperous career, promises to blossom immensely in the next few years, under the guidance of Beat Author Records.

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