everything is Khroam in the future
everything is Khroam in the future

VINEMA UK RAP, TRAP AND GRIME MUSIC PREMIERES: The powerful and dope cool rapper ‘Yayo Mike’ goes back in time on his efficient drop the full of attitude ‘Back in The Day’ #ThebackInthedaychallenge

So…Boom! There was a challenge going on called #ThebackInthedaychallenge trending via social media.

When I heard “everything is Khroam in the future” and the beat drop My decision was already made; I was going to finesse that beat.

I made “the stink face” and thought to my self that I wanted parts of it but due to technical difficulties wrote my verse “on reserved” but didn’t drop it, just yet.

About two weeks later in the summer of 2019, a Top 20 Trenton NJ Artist list went around social media and my competitive nature kicked in.

I scrolled through the comments and thought out loud “it’s time“.

I called up my brother Loko to record me spitting my verse and rest is history.

My original plan was for it only to be a freestyle visual for Facebook and Instagram but my supporters suggested that I make it a full song so I shot the video and here we are.