Raynes’ sound incorporates elements of folk, Americana, and baroque pop with Celtic and world music – check out their new album ‘Set Fire to the Foxes’

Signing with Sony Music Publishing less than a year after their inception, British-American trio Raynes formed in 2017 and have since released three singles that have earned them features in Billboard, Earmilk, and Atwood Magazine, …

Musician Jays Silence is originally from Cuba and creates Chill-Trap RnB Hip-Hop and has released a new single ‘Her Deception’.

Jays Silence is originally from Cuba and creates Chill-Trap RnB Hip-Hop and has released a new single ‘Her Deception’. What’s your life story as an artist? How did you get into music?“I was born and …

Musician Marta Wiley wrote her new song ‘Diamond Lover’ about empathy and narcissism in the world today, and about love addiction.

Marta Wiley is an “Internationally Renowned Artist” – Painter, Singer, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Speaker, Inventor and Author. She holds a record for being one of the most prolific Artists in the 21st Century. Taught to paint …


Dar.Ra is a songwriter, musician, author, producer, healer… and earned his stripes with hits for EMI and 21St Century Artists when he set up the Kusha Deep Label in the 2000s releasing his first solo …

New podcast focuses on educating musicians about how to make a living in the music industry via round table discussions with musical gear manufactures and their artists

Jewelry manufacturer Novell Global (a subsidiary of World-renowned Continental Jewellery Mfg) has recently teamed with Deko Entertainment and Jac Harrison’s Gear Guys Radio for a brand-new podcast series focusing on musician education. The re-launched Gear …

ROCK DANCE GROOVES: Get dancing in Carnival party rock style with the uplifting Festival sounds of ‘Dar.ra’ as he returns with hot release ‘Rise Like The Sun’

While we as a world speed forward on an uncharted flight to an unknowable destination, predictions and hearsay is all you hear in the backseats on this excursion into a strange new Paradigm.

One prediction that has come to play out is Dar.Ra whose album New Kinda Normal released in 2019 told of tales of future society changes, while the front cover art showed a couple walking down and empty high street in a bubble.

Did he know something we didn’t at the time and was anyone paying attention to the fine lines of that release. Since we have seen massive changes and other artists not releasing any new material, we have seen more out put from Dar.Ra rather than less.

The EP ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ was an honourable attempt to give the Keyworkers and Frontline Heroes of the Pandemic something more than just a round of applause, something that people could sing and show their Love, with proceeds given to Frontline worker charities.

The ‘Whisky n Honey’ EP featured a great Bowie style track with sublime subplot of a Love given up on for a pursuit of fast love and neon highs only to end up empty and alone wishing for a life that will never come back.

The Lights Dark Nights remix was the epitome of genre called ‘Rock Step’, which Dar.Ra claims to have invented. If you’re looking for the blueprint you can find it on this EP and the ‘New Kinda Normal’ Album

The latest release schedule doesn’t let up with a new single ‘Rise Like The Sun’. A Latin rock groove that cuts through the current climate like a hot knife through butter.

Uplifting sunshine grooves with remixes from Colombian to India, the UK with a few European mainland connections thrown in for good measure. The lyric suggests not been held down by the people in high places, the unknown powers who make decisions about out lives that we have no control over.

‘I want to rise like the sun and hold back for no one’ is a lyric sung with power and persuasion by Dar.Ra who takes a further dig at those powers by singing;

‘I wanna live the dream with impunity like the rich do with ease’, ‘I been crying crying out loud I been down in the dirt the dirt and the dust,
Trying to reach up from the gutter to the stars’

Sums up the frustration of the singer to be heard in a world that is obsessed with money and power rather than concern for the real issues that we face as a human race.

Dar.Ra has a way however of making the Music and melodies sound so sweet that you would miss the subliminal storylines that lurk beneath the clean mixes and beautiful musicianship on each track he puts out.

On the ‘Rise Like The Sun’ single there are 6 mixes all named after different places on the globe in an attempt to bring the world together rather than see ourselves separated by colours and creeds. Columbian Sun Cut is the real deal in the Latin house area and Vidula a producer from Sri Lanka puts his distinct flavours on his Indian Sun Remix.

The other remixes come from Dar.Ra and have an Indigenous theme to them as is also reflected in the Cover artwork which pays homage to the Aboriginal national flag.

Rise Like The Sun’ is out on Kusha Deep Music this fall.

Dar.Ra and the Hits so far…..

Dar.Ra is a Music Writer, Producer and Author who earned his stripes with hits for EMI and 21St Century Artists and set up the Kusha Deep Label in the 2000s releasing his first solo Album in 2009, called ‘Soul Hours‘. The UK, USA music press and radio, made Album of the week on Heart FM Spain, supported the album.

One of the tracks ‘Haunted Dancehall’ featured in a Hollywood film staring Hilary Duff and ‘Snakes On Planes’. Dar.Ra played on BBC Radio Cambridge to a million people live when they connected up their regional stations around the Midlands.

Various EPs ‘Now Is Now’, Live For Love, Cease Fire and soundtrack to film documentary ‘City Of Hope’ have also had millions of streams and lead to the recent album ‘New Kinda Normal’.

The Rock N Roll tour de force, that has seen three singles really make some movements happen in America, with well received Music video’s for ‘Rock Steady’ and ‘Night-Stepper’ being shot in NYC, while ‘Diamonds N The Shadows’ being shot in Atlanta.

Tracks have landed number 1 spots on Rock Radio stations around the USA, play-listed on TV stations LA TV, H2O NYC, Nashville Music TV as well as front cover of Hype Magazine, Top Hitz and Music Hit Box in The UK giving Dar.Ra, a very credible big Star status.

With two new EPs out ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ a tribute to the keyworkers who have stood up to the task of the Pandemic and the Whisky n Honey EP this work continues to shape Dar.Ra’s musical catalogue.

The Beat remix called Bhangra Stance features on the Stand Up EP, is a powerful call to action for change. Top Hitz Music magazine to call the EP number 1 Lockdown release, while Music Mirror called the ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ track, ‘the Rock anthem that Prince would of written, if he still graced this world’.

Dar.Ra has also written two books under his full moniker Darragh J Brady ‘Road Tales’ which is about amazing people with life changing stories that he met while touring the globe and ‘The Night That Jimi Died’ which is about a girl who channels the Spirit of Jimi Hendrix and rises to change the DNA of the World through Music. Both titles have also been given top reviews on Good Reads and Amazon Books.

The brand new single ‘Rise Like The Sun’ is out now on all good digital retailers.



Hailing from the musical city of Chicago, ‘Presto X’ releases a sweet pop urban gem for those coastal convertible drives with ‘My Way’

‘Presto X’ releases a sweet pop urban gem for those coastal convertible drives with ‘My Way’ – Vinema UK What do Political Science and Music have in common? Bet you didn’t see that one coming, …

UK VIDEO PREMIERE: ‘Charlie Luis’ drops an irresistible and catchy latin reggaeton dance craze hit with new drop ‘Cuando Empieza El Perreo’

Latin urban artist ‘Charlie Luis’ comes from a musical family and was constantly exposed to a great variety of music.

His son, Emo Rap Recording Artist, “Jumex” has millions of followers as well as his half-brother latino recording artist “Cristian Castro”.

Charlie Luis album cover 4

Charlie Luis currently is releasing his new hit “Cuando Empieza El Perreo”.

The song has already received an overwhelmingly favourable response on the social networks as well as by the club and Radio DJ’S throughout the country and in Latin America.


Look out for the Charlie Luis on tour “Compartiendo Amor” kicking off in Latin American in mid-March 2020.


Cuando Empieza El Perreo Remix
Cuando Empieza El Perreo Original Video Cuando Empieza El Perreo Remix Charlie Luis(Video Oficial de Fans)  Video Cuando Empieza El Perreo Original Charlie Luis (Video Oficial de Fans)

Charlie Luis narrow with hair fixed


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CHARLIE LUIS BIO in his native tongue

De papá Alemán y mamá Mexicana Charlie, estuvo expuesto a diversos tipos de música tanto en America Latina como en los Estados Unidos.

Charlie Luis viene de una familia musical pues es el papa del Artista Emo Rap “Jumex” y es medio hermano del latino cantante “Cristian Castro….
Pendiente porque la semana que entra estrena el nuevo tema “Cuando Empieza El Perreo”
Es Un Super temazo heavy de Reggaeton! Visite el Spotify de Charlie aqui!

Tambien se esta programando Shows en Vivo en America Latina en Marzo de 2020

VALENTINES DAY UK PREMIERES: The smooth ‘Adrian Javon’ releases a ‘Terence Trent D’Arby’ esque LOVE themed soul, pop and chill gem with ‘In Love’s Memory’

Adrian Javon is an LA-based creative, known for his professional photography, and cinematography.

Adrian Javon began channelling his musical ability in 2017 while virally singing 90’s R&B covers. With his sweet and distinctive sound, Adrian has shown peers a small glimpse of what’s to come.

Since then, Adrian Javon has effortlessly added cinematography and directing to his skill set. With the strong connection to his subjects always resonating clearly, Adrian’s work has been described as soulful and inspiring and has taken him from LA to Japan and Africa.

His understated demeanour and extreme professionalism have made him a go-to favourite for many artists including Janelle Monae, Lil Wayne (Nice Kicks), Kofi Siriboe, K. Michelle, Mila J, JacobLa0more, and Trevor Jackson and more.

Adrian Javon also made a cameo in IssaRae’s Insecure on HBO in 2017. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Adrian takes the Donald Glover approach and utilizes his many talents of Film, Photography, Music, and Dance to create an everlasting impression on his audience.

Music being one of his newest endeavours has brought a sense of peace to mind for not only for himself but also most importantly for his fans.


Adrian Javon recently said “I’ve always been inspired by soulful music growing up as a kid. My late Mom was a lover of music, I remember she would blast Aretha Franklin, Sade, Lauryn Hill, DonellJones, The Jackson 5 and countless other artists. I know for sure that’s where my love for harmonies was cultivated– that real R&B. The lyrics I wrote for this project are all honest and true feelings. It was a relief for me mentally to just express my thoughts and experiences. My overall goal is to connect listeners and remind them that we all are going through something”.



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