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VINEMA UK MUSIC PREMIERES: ‘Amel Rose’ never fails to deliver as she releases two exciting singles in a worldwide double drop of the catchy, dope and cool ‘Your Story’ and ‘Atrocity’

Musical Artist, Amel Rose, Debuts 2 New Singles, ‘Your Story’ and ‘Atrocity’.

Amel Rose’s music can best be described as a cross between pop and hip-hop with some soul and rhythm and blues rounding out her signature style. The catchy, toe-tapping tunes have earned her some early rave reviews and more than 90K streams since early release on Spotify, iTunes and other major streaming services last month.


VINEMA UK MUSIC PREMIERES: ‘Amel Rose’ never fails to deliver as she releases two exciting singles in a worldwide double drop of the catchy, dope and cool ‘Your Story’ and ‘Atrocity’ – Vinema UK

Yet, what helps drive the special sound that allow her vocals to shine is the collaboration with internationally acclaimed DJ, producer and songwriter DJ Fredy Muks that help bring these songs to life. Muks is a member of The Recording Academy, best known for his eclectic DJ slant and mash-ups of popular hits with classic favourites.

And while the pair would seem to be a mismatch on the surface, the blend of their talents is an ideal match. Rose grew up in Bellevue, Texaspopulation 347 – before moving to Los Angeles – population four million – with her sister to pursue her music career.


Her love for music blossomed early, inspired by her grandmother who introduced her to songs of an earlier generation through lullabies by night and classic vinyl spinning on the family turntable by day. To date, her fan base has been largely in Arizona, Texas and California but that is expected to all change as the broader launch of her singles expands access to the rest of the country.

“I’m really excited to introduce myself personally and artistically to a bigger audience through Your Story and Atrocity.

I feel it is important to start out new relationships with fans by showing them who I am so they understand the heart of my songs,” said Rose, who’s Instagram following has spiked.

“I am really encouraged by the positive early reception from new fans and can’t wait for my old fans to see how Fredy has helped me spread my wings and bring my sound to a whole new level.”

Rose and Muks are already working on additional music to be released later this spring with live acoustic appearances to be scheduled later in the year after the COVID-19 pandemic has eased restrictions on public gatherings.



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