VINEMA SHORT FILM SPOTLIGHT 2020: Italian Filmmaker and Screenwriter, Alexander Edwards says “This is my first Award-winning short film! It’s about a young girl who lives her last day in her country town before leaving forever”

Alexander Edwards, is an Italian American director. Born and raised in Italy, son of an Air Force veteran, he studied abroad in Italy and obtained a Degree in Audio-Visual Techniques and Media Production (Film Studies) with the maximum score (110/110 Cum Laude). He started working as an assistant editor in Porcia in Italy for Edoardo Vojvoda. He started his filmmaking career as an author by producing, directing and editing his first short movie, “Silvia”, as his thesis in 2017.


Director: Alexander Edwards

Writer: Alexander Edwards

Writer: Isabella Trani

Producer: Alexander Edwards

Key Cast:

“Silvia” – Giorgia Fumagalli

“Papà” – Alessio Bergamasco

“Franco” – Michele Dalmazi

“Leo” – Luca Barbato

“Bar owner” – Simone Fabbro

Director of photography – Edoardo Vojvoda

Original music/Composer – Denis Ronchese

Original music/Composer – Antonio Sommariva

Production assistant – Aleksija Antonic

Production assistant – Consuelo Bolzan

Set decorator – Alessandra Sartor

Makeup Artist – Alessandra Sartor

Boom Operator – Andrea Blasetig

Boom Operator – Teresa Scarcia

Sound Mixer – Andrea Blasetig

Sound Mixer – Riccardo Vojvoda

Sound Editor – Riccardo Vojvoda

Assistant Director – Irene De Savorgnani

Script Supervisor – Daniela Benedetti

Editor – Alexander Edwards

Backstage Editor – Alessandro Vazzoler