‘Triangle Clique’ will get you sweating on the dancefloor with their infectious Trap beat ‘In Chiwanna’
‘Triangle Clique’ will get you sweating on the dancefloor with their infectious Trap beat ‘In Chiwanna’

‘Triangle Clique’ will get you sweating on the dancefloor with their infectious Trap beat ‘In Chiwanna’

Have you ever pondered if 3 is the promising number? Well, to be precise the number 3 represents the entity of pureness and a passion to prevail as a sweeping factor just as in the case of a triangle with three niches. The artist we will be illuminating today is the same illustration as of a triangle in which the corners represent their individuality while the shape itself is the component of uniqueness together. Yep! We are talking about none other than the widely distinguished trio band “Triangle Clique” who are here to set their streak on the globe through the power of music they have.

Difficult times and adversity in life reveals the best in man. This opinion is nothing but a straight fact that can be proven in terms of the trio “Triangle Clique” comprising of three brothers from the New York City with the passionate ambition of unravelling their musical capabilities in guise of the people of all races and civilization giving them something to listen, memorize and admire. These three brothers of “Triangle Clique” are an emblem of everlasting aspiration who pursued hard to succeed that rising aim of them through continuous efforts despite living in the crime infested Elmhurst, giving every human out there a sermon of perseverance resulting in beautiful destinations.
Making people groove to the upbeat musical harmonies while giving them something to relish is what “Triangle Clique” is capable of which can be clearly verified by the fact that Jim Reyes (with Diva Records) requested the trio to come perform at the club as people were vacating away and the only remedy was “Triangle Clique” who has that proficiency of energizing the crowd with their repetitive beats and music inspired by Urban, Hip-Hop and jazz vibes that literally the all-time favourite genre.

Who can forfeit something as amazing as that? Astounding.

Life is a name of continuous of efforts and disparity but those who are firm believer in arduous work and dignity are the victors of the final destination just like “Triangle Clique” whose race started from their musical journey of being a band to now being the owner of a recording label Triangle Clique LLC (aka Triangle Clique Records) who’s now paving paths for other young endeavours out there set on a venture similar to theirs. A person in the desire of some inspiration needs to check this trio out on a literal basis. We strongly recommend that.

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We’ve filled you all up on “Triangle Clique” the band whose here to alter your perspective of life through their passionate music which is energizing, upbeat and simply esthetic. Biasing the band is a must for all those who perceive themselves as one with music as this trio also does. Performing at the most famous venue including “Latin Quarters, Calle Orange, Club Tabu, Roxy’s Night Club” and releasing up to 1000 tracks is the proof that you need to bias them right now by listening to their latest song “Chiwanna”.