UK-based singer-songwriter ‘TaniA Kyllikki’ releases her stunning, touching, epic and highly anticipated album ‘Why Chapter One’
UK-based singer-songwriter ‘TaniA Kyllikki’ releases her stunning, touching, epic and highly anticipated album ‘Why Chapter One’

UK-based singer-songwriter ‘TaniA Kyllikki’ releases her stunning, touching, epic and highly anticipated album ‘Why Chapter One’

TaniA Kyllikki, a UK-based singer-songwriter, has released her sincere album (Why Chapter One) on January 30th, 2022.

Sung with deep-felt emotion and lyrics that hit right to the heart. TaniA has managed to showcase complete vulnerability throughout her album. Captivating us all by transforming the many chapters of her life into a very powerful listening experience. From start to finish, she has successfully been able to take you on this very intense emotional journey. With her eminent powerhouse voice, this first album from the rising songstress showcases the many impressive layers and textures of TaniA’s 5 octave vocal range.

“Handle With Care” is a very intense and relatable song that TaniA’s fans describe as having the signature Adele vibe to it. This song is for anyone who has been hurt by previous relationships and then found the one, but is still scared of being hurt again. The lyrics start off with, “I’m going through emotions, questioning your motives, do you really love me and are you here to stay?” Then the bridge, followed by the chorus, goes on to say, “I know you’re trying, God knows you’re trying to assure me, please be gentIe with me, my heart is fragile, it breaks easily, handle with care!” Showcasing TaniA’s richer, deeper tones in her voice, what makes this song so powerful is the maturily in TaniA’s songwriting abilities and her boldness to be raw and organic throughout. This is refreshing to hear in today’s filtered music. What TaniA has managed to do here is write this song from the perspective of both sides. One being the broken, untrusting one who is afraid to be hurt again. While the other is trying so desperately to assure them they aren’t like the others from their past.

“RARE” the second song on the album, is a beautiful R&B song co-written by TaniA Kyllikki and her fiancé, Garry D. Hairston, about their love being a rare find. This song gives us the angelic sounds of TaniA’s higher register combined with her signature whistle notes in the D6 and E6 placed in the bridge and end chorus.

“What If” is another song that really pulls at your heart strings. Parts of the lyrics in the bridge say, “Your tiny fingers and your tiny toes, so beautiful like a miniature doll, nothing prepared us for that sad day when God took you home!” For anyone who has suffered a miscarriage or
lost a child after birth, this song gives a clear picture of the overwhelming heartache couples go through, not just the loss, but being left wondering who their baby could have been if they had the chance to grow up.

“Puppet on a String” was written by TaniA Kyllikki and produced by her fiancé, Garry D. Hairston. Much like its successor single, “WHY,” released in March 2021 as a single and also featured on the album, is another song written and sung in such a raw and intense way by TaniA. She expresses the pain of others ruining her life with their false allegations against her. At the climax of the song, TaniA sings, “You’ve had your fun, it’s time for you to go, I’m taking back my life, so just leave me alone, I resign from this joke of a show, where I’m made out the bad guy, presented in a bad light, but the truth will set me free, from this nightmare I’ve been living, watch me shine, in
front of all your eyes, be blessed a thousand times, for every tear you made my heart cry, from being your puppet on a string!” Another relatable song for anyone who has gone through traumatic experiences in their life being falsely accused, manipulated and controlled by others like a “puppet on a string.”

Also included on the album, “Lie With Me,” which was previously released as a single. Sung in a pop-classical style. A beautiful song that expresses connecting on a much deeper level when making love.

TaniA’s soulful vocals combined with her raw organic storytelling are on full display in the sixth song,”Many Shades of Grey.”The music was produced by TaniA’s fiancé, Garry D. Hairston. This song is about not judging others based on their past mistakes or ethnic background. A powerful message that tells us we all deserve second chances in life. We all deserve to be happy, accepted, and loved just for who we are.

“This is Who I Am” was another team effort of co-writing and production between TaniA and her fiance, Garry D. Hairston. The music has a nice jazz piano sound. The lyrics are about being confident in loving yourself for who you are. And if the person you’re with doesn’t accept that? They need to go.

“WHY” is a powerful ballad written about emotional and physical abuse. It was previously released last year as a single. A powerful ballad supported by “The New Music Times” magazine, who made TaniA the face of their July issue 2021. TaniA also released a music video for “WHY”. This was published and advertised in over 20+ magazines.

“My Hero” ends this touching album on a positive note. The lyrics are about thanking the person who’s been there for you through all the dark moments in your life. This gives TaniA’s listeners a sense of hope after going through the emotional chapters of the album.

All of the songs on this album have the ability to evoke a certain mood. From being inspiring, unbearable heartbreak, to finding love again, then learning to trust and finding forgiveness in your heart to move on. For her first album, TaniA has created a very intense and moving LP. The complexity of each emotion was felt in her voice throughout. Together with her ability to create great storytelling with her lyrics and the quality of the production, it all makes (Why Chapter One) a timeless album. It was recently released on January 30th, 2022, and is now available in all stores and on all platforms worldwide.


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